The Blue and Gold Macaws are a dream turned to reality.  Although it took awhile we have managed to source ourselves a young pair of blue & gold macaws traceable back to NERBS bloodlines.  Both birds hail from the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, a known hotspot for Macaw breeders.  Feeding for this species is by far the most diverse of any of the species we keep, mainly because of their higher fat content requirement.  You will find more on feeding on our Information page.

The Blue and Golds require strong housing and the 2.5mm thick weld mesh that we use for a lot of our other species is perfect for their needs.  We house our Macaws in a large suspended flight with the top of the flight reaching a height of approx. 3 metres, as this seems to be a requirement for this species to feel secure enough to breed.  More information on housing will be added soon as we expand our infrastructure for our larger parrots.

It will be a couple of years before our pair is old enough to breed with the average breeding age being 3-4 years, so we have plenty of time to study and learn about these magnificient parrots.


We have kept a couple of members of this genus now for the past decade.  They tend to be easily disturbed and will often retreat into the safety of their nesting boxes.  Our pairs are parent raised however, and this may contribute to this type of behaviour.

Feeding details are outlined on our Information page, but being from similiar areas to the Macaws they need that high fat component in their diet also.

We house these birds in suspended flights and find they have very few ailments in this type of setup.  The birds feel much more secure knowing we cannot enter their personal space.

We will consider branching into other members of this fascinating group of parrots in the future.