About Us

The Story so far......

Ironbark Aviaries was born in early 2001, when Neal and Tracy purchased a 5 acre property in Greenbank, Queensland Australia.  Over the past decade they have slowly built a respectable collection of parrots, both Native and Exotic.

Neal has been involved in Aviculture from a very early age, having parents and an older sister that kept a variety of softbills.  Neal had a liking for parrots and kept the usual smaller species, then evolving to a few cockatoos, long tailed and broad tailed species.  Minds of teenagers wonder..... and birds of the non-feathered variety became the focus along with mates and muscle cars and night clubs etc etc....

However, Neal's parents Kev and Val, were in the background holding the fort.  Tracy and Neal met in the mid nineties and suddenly birds were back on the agenda after Tracy was given a handraised Alexanderine parrot named Kyro.  Now, weekends were spent at bird parks, visiting bird breeders and joining the Parrot Society of Australia.  This is what led to the beginning of Ironbark Aviaries as we know it.

In Spring 2011 a very special baby was born into the family.  After all these years Neal and Tracy finally had one of their own!  Mitchell James at 1 year old, has all the makings of a future bird keeper and helps out in the hand rearing room any chance he gets.


Now, in early 2013, future plans are to expand the Macaw program and concentrate on some of the home grown rarities.  As the species page will show, this is a small but diverse collection of Psittacines, kept in a family environment.  The Sellers Family has cemented a place in the avicultural world and don't plan on going anywhere.

The Winter of 2014 saw the arrival of our second child.  Xavier is following in his older brothers footsteps and showing quite an interest in the birds.

Tracy & Spud on Spud's 2nd Birthday
Our birds take up most of our spare time, but occasionally we still find time for a few of our other interests: fishing, 4WDing and collecting a large range of different plant species which go hand in hand with the bird aviaries.  A Major feature is the tall ironbark trees giving the property it's name.  It also features prominately in the business "Ironbark Industries" in which Neal is a cabinet maker/specialist joiner and Tracy is a Bookkeeper (see Ironbark Industries page) .  And then of course there's Spud & Rusty which are Australian Stumpy Tailed Cattledogs and site supervisors here at the Bird Farm.

Thanks to the people who have helped us along the way and those who have let us into their collections and given us tips.  We hope we can do the same for fellow birdkeepers with a common interest in the future. 

Happy Bird Keeping,
Neal and Tracy.